*Delivery System:
1. Bookings are made within 1-2 days of placing the order.

2. 1-3 days within Dhaka city delivery, 3-5 days outside city.

3. Please deliver the daily order between 11-12 at night, so that I can do the courier in the morning.

4. Home delivery is done directly through Stridfast, Radex, Pathao, Delivery Tiger.

*Delivery Charges:
1. Dhaka-80 taka
2. Savar + Gazipur + Narayanganj + Keraniganj + Nawabganj - 110 Tk.
3. All other districts - 150 hrs
#Sub-city and out-city delivery charges to be paid in advance.

Commission Process:
1. The excess price you sell beyond our wholesale price is your profit share.
2. Commission will be paid separately for target selling
3. Monthly best sellers page will be promoted.
4. The award is given to the best seller of the year.

1. No order booking is done outside the city excluding delivery charges.
2. There are no return charges within the city.
3. All the updates provided in our group are manufactured in our own factory and imported internationally. If there is any other product outside of our updated product, I will try to bring it.

*Ordering Rules:
1. Page Name/Seller Name:
2. Date:
3. Customer Name:
4. Customer Full Address (House/Office Number, Police Station, Post, District):
5: Customer Mobile Number:
6: Delivery charges:
7: Selling Price:
8: Admin Price:
9. Note (with product color, size image):


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